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New construction project Am Priesteracker Bornim, Potsdam


Bornim, Potsdam
Am Priesteracker area Potsdamer Strasse / Hugstrasse

Basic Data

Single-family house:17 apartments
Apartment house9
Construction area3.500 qm
Land area1.1 ha.
Access road1

Flats & Co. GmbH took over the project management for the conversion of a garden plot into a building plot. The property was completely redeveloped with the construction of the new street “Am Priesteracker”. The new developed road was approved by the city of Potsdam in the 4th quarter of 2020 without any defects.

On the area between Potsdamer Straße and Hugstraße opposite the church, a new residential area is being built with 2 apartment buildings and several plots for development with single-family and two-family houses.


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The one-way street leads from Hugstraße along Pannenberg, and then flows onto Potsdamer Straße, opposite the Bornimer church. This historic location used to be the centre of Bornim and, due to its street view, is protected as a historic landmark.

On this land once stood a famous restaurant, Zum Alten Krug, with its expansive beer garden, renowned and beloved far and wide.

In the rear interior section, there are 9 single-family housing plots, where houses with one complete level plus attic can be built according to the Nachbarbebauung 34. The sizes of the plots range from 400 to 1000 square meters, and thus offer plenty of space for privacy and carefree living.

On the street, there are 2 adjoining multi-family houses, one with 6 apartments and the other with 9 apartments. The multi-family houses have a basement, a raised ground floor, a second floor and a top floor. 14 parking spaces are available for the residents.
An elevator will be built in the 9 apartment building, which will also be serviceable to the basement, enabling barrier-free living. In addition, 2 residential units will have their own garden. All variations of 2, 3, 4, 5 room apartments are available. In all apartments, the bedrooms or living areas are situated to the rear to ensure quiet and the best quality of living. All apartments have one or more balconies, where one can enjoy a great view into the valley.
In addition, the location offers the best possible natural lighting, as the east, south and west sides are all available to the residents.

This new residential project is located in a valley, beautifully surrounded by the Pannenberg forest; it blends harmoniously into this unique natural idyll. The individual plots host a beautiful old tree population, including wonderful fruit trees that in bloom in spring. There are apple, cherry, plum, quince, pear, peach and even an apricot tree.
–>In the last few years, a family of Strochen birds has settled in the neighbouring ground; this bird diversity emphasizes just how special this location is.

Adjacent to the multi-family houses, 2 townhouses are being built, each with 2 parking spaces, its own garden and a large roof terrace featuring a magnificent panoramic view of the valley. There is a living area on the ground floor, a sleeping area on the upper floor, and a work area in the dug out basement.

For the plots 2, 5 and 6 there is the possibility to build a 2 family house instead of a single family house. Please take a look at the planning.

Location description

Potsdam is one of the most enchanting cities in Germany, rich in history, architecture, art and culture. To live here is to live particularly well. The Brandenburg state capital offers a lot of water and nature, so you can look forward to living in a quiet location, yet very close to urban life. There is a bus stop directly at the property, from which the future residents have car-free access to every central point in Potsdam and can reach Potsdam Central Station within 15 minutes. The transport connections by car are excellent. Central to the city highway, as well as to Potsdam. It only takes about 6 to 10 minutes by bike or car to get to the neighboring Potsdam Old Town or Sanssouci Palace. Berlin is close by and the Kudamm is only 30 minutes away by car.

Here you can experience life in Potsdam at its best. You can enjoy the natural surroundings and greenery, the high living & leisure value, the good infrastructure and transport connections, the shopping facilities in the surrounding area, and the schools and kindergartens nearby.